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The Pale Man

Deathly pale belongs to the sea
tells you here's the beginning
in the depth of misery
you feel the spirit within.
A torrent Over a storm tossed tree
it's like a rugged stone
rolling waves won't let you free
because your time is gone.

All the damned veiled in grey band together and demand
of the pale man who's crossing the way,
can't never come back to land.

He entrusts himself without taking care
to wild seas every day
and this old world, world of the sea
endlessly he must bear
His heart is like an ocean so deep
knowing storm, ebb and flow
and too many pearls, pearls of the beauty
rest in it's depths below.

He is one of the creatures of the sea,
he's called the palest man he is one of
the creatures who can't break free until eternity,
the pale man who's got Neptune's key.

Zed Yago

The Pale Man / Zed Yago

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