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The Fear Of Death

Wake up in fear all you who don't know
there's more behind the material glow
you know it's the sinners who we adore
and some of us die while they still do ignore
It seams we are slaves of the fear of death
foolishness directs us till morn
don't want to be defeated, no
but we are, but we are,
from the second we are born.

Don't you talk to the raven
in a frightful night he's sure to appear,
you might talk to the devil
in a frightful night the fear of death,
the fear of death is near.

What we can't see is what we have to believe
call the foreign dimension finally to earth
more than we know appears in a dream
disappears into space a taste of rebirth
don't, don't want to be defeated no
but we are, but we are,
in the second we are born.

Zed Yago

The Fear Of Death / Zed Yago

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