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Murder In Thy Name

They can't deny my name
My infamy in destined for their history
Seek out my enemies
Obey my mad decrees, oblivion is my name

The only master that they have is me
No hiding places for the ones we seek

My father weak in mind
The crown was always mine a symbol of true power
Embrace the lunacy
My deadly maniacs will triumph through my will

Cast the stones, read the bones
And what is it that they say
Murder, murder in thy name

My orders will be done
All men will bow to me, forget the prophecies
I'm written in the stars
No one is sacred, I am the supreme entity

Believe me when I say
That i will have my day, they cannot run and hide
I've cast down all the runes
They've had their merry dance, now they will sing my tune


Murder In Thy Name / X-WILD

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