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Dr. Sardonicus

I stand alone in my tower in the sky
With my creations always at my side
The many-headed, deformities of limb
I watch them dreaming of a life I cannot give

I tried to give the life
But yes, I always failed
These are the creatures
Of what wizardy made
They'll break the chains
That's my only hold
These are the people
Who won't do what they're told

Dr. Sardonicus – Won't you please set us free
Dr. Sardonicus – It's no life that we lead
Dr. Sardonicus – You promised us life
Dr. Sardonicus – Was it all just a lie

I feel the terror and it cuts like a knife
The staring eyes in the quivering light
Closer and closer, they start to mover in
To necromance my essence from within


Dr. Sardonicus / X-WILD

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