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Wild Knight

Returns from his exile, all power and pain
To undo the wrong that was done in his name
The pack are inclined to believe in his words
The promise of riches, fortune – just words

They gathered aroun him, scared to be last
Dark eyes fix them behind his mask
Majestic in his saddle, he conquers the land
Blind to the fury to withness the end – ooooh

He scatters around him the seeds of his dread
Blaming them all for the price of his head
The call to his legions is mighty and strong
The word is destruction, the conflict was won

Scavengers pick at the bones of the dead
In the field of the chaos, the rivers run red
He's roaming the world, never losing control
A fugutive soul forever alone – ooooh

The Wild Knight, keeper of souls
The Wild Knight, destroyer of all
On the throne of destruction, his path to despair
The Wild Knight is legend, beware

The people were blind, never learned from the past
They'd tasted the blood on the tip of his lance
Into the battle his vengeance was sweet
The lucky that lived were dragged back into the keep

The cries of the tortured, wrihing in pain
Begging forgiveness and calling his name
The iron was hotand the flesh burned so well
The bodies were thrown in the pit that is hell


Wild Knight / X-WILD

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