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 Voivod Voivodрок-группа

Warriors Of Ice

Learning the rules of the games
With atrocity
Living in a prehistoric weather
With intensity
*Armed...Cold weapons in hand
*Charged...mangled corps on the land
The bestials contortions on the prey
Makes me lust to kill'em all everyday
Curdled by frost
Too young to rust
Fight... Be wild
**Warriors of ice
**The hell fighters
**Warriors of ice....
Midway through life, midway to death
The nomad soldiers fight for the best

Feel the chill by the polar race
Make the word a disaffected place

Live to die , Eye to eye
Raise the chase, Face to face

Raise the chase, face to face
The dirty desperado go's back
At freezing point
Nail stone fall and fall again

Prisioners of ice wheeze in a sultry weather
This is the fate of frozen agressors...

Advance thermal killers
They're the barbaric butchers
Here they are to abuse
Spitting the barren land
Crushing all 'til nothing stands
Ready for attack
They're gonna shoot you in the back


Warriors Of Ice / Voivod

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