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 Venom VenomБританская металл-группа


Dark ages – Plague rages
Satan lives / Satanica
Death races – Dead faces – 666 / Satanica


Tormented – Demented
Relentless / Satanica
No saviour – You die here
Reaper says / Satanica

Maleficarvum – Maleficarvum

Bleeding demon souls – Falling down
Death in every town – All around
Some call it the end – Calling now
No one wears a crown

Speaking loud in ancient tongue
Worship moon or worship sun
From the knowledge of the old
Come the tales of mighty souls
Rise – Fall – Into hell

In the lightning in the skies
I can see it in your eyes
Armageddon will arise
And the planets will collide
Rise – Fall – Into hell – Into hell

Time to die – Old and wise – You and I / Satanica
All a lie – Angels die – Life denied / Satanica


Maleficarvm / Venom

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