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 Venom VenomБританская металл-группа


Homicidal maniac – No shadow – No name
Ultimate hunter – Playing ultimate game
Patience awaiting prey – No conscience for his deeds
Deals another deathblow – So his thirst can feed

Assassin – Assassin – Assassin
Assassin – Assassin – Assassin

Psychopatic slayer – Destroyer – Blood cold
Ultimate butcher – Playing ultimate show
Matador par excellence – Travels incognito
In this concrete jungle – He's king and it's his world

There's no going back – It's time to attack
He's just signed your death warrant

Watch them die
Drain their lives
Kill the bastards

Annihilation soldier – Malignant – Insane
Ultimate killer – Seeking ultimate fame
Desperado killing spree – A bloodbath night and day
Violent extremist – Pray he don't get your name


Assassin / Venom

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