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Come hear the moon is calling,
The witching hour draws near,
Come hear the bell is tolling,
Mortals run in fear,
Prepare the altar now and hear the virgin cry,
Hold fast for the sacrifice,
For now it's the time to die,

All Hell breaks loose,
Hell's breaking loose,

Unveil the Pentegram,
And feels the demons lust,
come watch the holy men,
Who look out in disgust,
Come taste the blood,
And feel the heat of Satan's breath,
Look in the sky's and see,
The warriors of death,

All Hell breaks loose
Hell's breaking loose,
Witching Hour.

Our work is now complete,
The blood runs fast and free,
And Satan takes his bride,
And cry's of blasphemy,
All Hell rejoices at the child,
That she will bear,
And Satan's only son,
Shall be the worlds despair,

All Hell breaks loose,
Hell's breaking loose,
Witching Hour


Witchin'Hour / Venom

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