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 Venom VenomБританская металл-группа


Children gather round him,
Mystery surrounds him,
What terrible secret does he hide,
An ordinary man,
Doing what he can,
But what goes on inside his mind,

The night draws nigh,
Wtih darkened skies,
Axe blade shines,
Midnight chimes,

Morning comes around,
Headless bodies found,
Our little friend just sits and smiles ha ha,
Take them home and love them,
Read the bible to them,
Be sure to kiss each one goodnight.

But come the night,
You'll freeze with fright,
Axe draws high,
another dies.

Creeping and searching for victims unknowing,
What fate doth await around each corner,
They take in the night,
He's got you in his sight.

Now that I have warned you,
Always look behind you,
You'll never know just who'll be there,
That harmless looking dear,
may be the one to fear,
So never trust those you don't know,

But comes the night,
You'll freeze with fright,
Axe drawn high,
The bastards die.


Schizo / Venom

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