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Hymne VI – Wolf And Passion

On he hunts with sorrow none
For what hath passed is gone
His sole regret the absence
Of desires worthie his teares

Until he saw pitie in her eyne
Where all the light did shine
And soone all joie should die
Her glazed eyne did wander
A mayden pure in grandeur
Left alone & lost

From her eyne he retreats
Clad in mournfulle Mysterie
He takes her heart in his

But dark & dead is her light
Evil took her fire's breath
Her embers were by him devour'd
And inside of him a fire buildes
Of Hate & Love & Hope so sad

The Moone comes forth
Born anew above her Soule –
Stolen here by the dark,
Binding Magick of olde

Frighten'd she nears him,
And speakes:

Thou, messenger of the Devil,
Who brings fear into lovers' hearts,
Thou, elixir to the hatred of men
And air to my Soule, now dying;
Leave me not, O shadow,
Before I give myself away
To these long denied desires,
Thy gift to my dying heart


Hymne VI – Wolf And Passion / Ulver

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