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From The Storm Of Shadows

From the storm of shadows
In the mist of night
Through the dark wastelands of time

Hear my cries of hate
Hate for all
As I wander through the cold

Within my black soul
A fire burns
The fire of god's destruction

The shadowstorms
Howl again
The light will fade away and die

Black souls... eternal souls
Like a vision that haunts the night
Swept away in the night
From the storm of shadows...
King of the night

Through the mighty winter
My eternal winter
I am king... I rule this world

I rise upon my throne
The dragonthrone
I am emperor... and I am god

"I long for the dark night...
And the storm to come again"

From the storm of shadows...
...a domain of hate shall rise


From The Storm Of Shadows / Covenant

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