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Crimson Halls Of Blood

Eclipse is a key to damnation, darkened domain of evil foundation.
May the vigour of demonic primordial forces reborn on behalf of Satan's

The gates will unfold when the shadows within dusk, tightening above the image
of god.
The holocaust souls which once licked the flames,
demand their victims, their blood shall boil again.

Burning blood will baptize thy (rancid-filthy) flesh and atrocities extend to
heaven heights.
Christians!...you shall die at the theatre of torment and slavery.

Gloria Baphomet, in thy name we were swallowed by the flames,
which run their flickering serpents, as Leviathan haunts in the veins of
burning hell.
Captors pharisaic past stigmatized thy flesh with the most twisted lies...Now!
Assign with us, in urge of voluptous profanity.

Demons in the parish of weakness, wolves in enclosure of lambs.
Shall be our symbol of infernal mayhem,which chain our souls for death.

To the crimson halls of blood, the cadaverous moonlight shines.
Straight through the eyes of damned and over the surface of unholy rites.
On the altar of limbonic dragonian flames...
Demonic whores cut your throats and suck your still-born jesus motherfucking

Burning bloo shall baptize thy flesh, your souls will blaze with us.
Terrorized is the faith for the cross, which glow as a torch at the nightfall
of blood.


Crimson Halls Of Blood / Thyrane

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