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Symphony Of Infernality

This is the night when the rotting heaven will die.
Demons with the storm arrive frm the winds of fire.
Beyond description is the spreading of cruelty and fear,
Open as my veins are the seven gates of hell,
and the light is overlaid with dust...in carnivorous lust.

...Symphony of Infernality

Repeat the spells of demonized, behold the death of crucified.
Feel the breeze from the ravines in twilight, and sense the horror of devil's

Symphony of infernality,
Constrain my soul to lacerate with brutality, to burn the chapels of divinity,
And piss on to remains of holy rotting trinity.

Symhony of infernality...
to slowly rotting trinity.
Beware! Satan is near with the hammer of damnation and thyranic fear.
Revelation of inner beast no longer await to release my darkest reality.
I'm bewitched by demons...princes of hades.
My soul belongs to hell, soon i enter the final gates.
I hear the passing bells, it's time to fade and burn with strength.

Darkness create the occult satanic domain.
Conspires are done, the flames born with us.
Powers of satan, powers of horns, we are elite in the towers of hell.

I rise through the crimson clouds, i ascend my throne above the stars of god.
I become prevalent with demonic rage, and bring forth my savagery
...condemnation from depths.

Slay, burn, bury:impale in the name of satan.
Torture, enslave, dominate...thy hell is on the earth.
I become prevalent with demonic rage, and bring forth my savagery
...condemnation from depths.


Symphony Of Infernality / Thyrane

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