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 Thyrane ThyraneБлэк-метал группа


Reveal, whose name we summon in dark.
Stir up the nocturnal dominions, under the ghostly fullmoon.
Persecute the sleeps of thee which decline to confess, the hypocrisy in their

Come forth, behind the fiercing nightstorms, open the chasm of the pit
and immortalize thy appearing again and again.
Penetrate the subconcious minds, excite those groping thoughts,
and mesmerize the to reborn in true heathen divinity.

Harness the flames to remind...disallowed are the remains of god,
and buried into maze of abandoned empyrean.
Masters received, thou are as as confidants in darkest triumphant,
to seduce and prepare the mortals for ritual of strength, revenge, glory and

in this night the fires comprise so strongly,
expressions of saviours disciplines be stricken with terror.
Gather with us and combine with blaze of magic.
Feel the fulfillment and pleasure of sacrifires desire.

Reject the king of non-existence, burn the priests at the stake.
A christendom reaps what it sows in the flames of gehenna.
Breathe in deep draughts the heaven heights.

i become entangled by the flash of lightning, the winds shall carry our
dominions from hell.
I order the powers of darkness to perpetuate these memories.
To the walls of kingdom infernal.


Sacrifires / Thyrane

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