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Sunrise On Mars

doctor found me just in time
can't recall how long i'd been lying there
he said my body mind and soul
had lost their true alignment
i thought i'd only hurt my head
the pain across my forehead reminded me
its hard to tell you where it hurts
but won't you make it go away
so far away and he said

smile pretend you're on a trip searching
for yourself connecting with your soul
close your eyes, your energy is gone
w can be your strength we have got control
we haven't got much time 'til sunrise on mars

never thought i'd fall from grace
never thought i'd damage and never heal
but everday i lose again, seduced by confusion
i thought the world was black and white
how can i escape from this colourfield
it's hard to tell you why it hurts
or how to make it go away
so far away and he said

come everyone who hurts
if you feel weighed down i will give you rest
you should take my yoke upon your back
learn from what i do my burden is less
and i'll restore your soul for sunrise on mars

never thought i'd make it home


Sunrise On Mars / Threshold

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