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As The Seasons Grey

Take a look, what do you see
Image in the mirror
Yesterday is yesterday
You'll meet your maker
I know that time grows old
Can't stop the seasons
Shifting sands slip through
your hands
Time is gone before
it's begun...

A little more
A little more for every day
Lord why
Oh tell me why
Do the seasons slowly grey?

Days of blue just turn to grey
The picture slowly aging
Nothing left of the memory
Death will not forsake them
God-fearing people say
They are not afraid of dying
So why do they turn to faith
When faith has no meaning in life?

Time worn
Worn time
Say good-bye to yesterday
After life
Life after
It's all the same

The Golden years bring out
the pain
Death rolls in like the
seasons change
You've lost all hope but still
you pray...

Aging eyes that fail to see
The mirror has been shattered
Death's knocking on their door
A vision filled with laughter
I know that time grows old
Can't stop the seasons
And as the end draws near
The story's over before
it's begun


As The Seasons Grey / Testament

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