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Miles Away

Such a heavy price to pay,
all the time that I spent missing on,
and I try not to complain,
but sometimes it won't leave me alone,
and I think that I know myself better than anyone else.
Cause I'm me I ought to know,
what I want, what I need, what's inside of me.
Maybe something that took, to get out of my head
or took for the thrill.
The way that I dress, the way that I look, or the way that I pay the bills.

Cause your miles away, miles away,
how could you be so wrong,
cause your miles away, miles away,
how could you know the start.
All eyes on the stage now the glitter and the glow.
Move to the rhythm while striking a pose.
Music and melody words to a poem.
You think that you know me but you're not even close.

Though I'm living out my dreams,
it wasn't long 'till I figured it out.
Nothin' ever comes for free
even here on a merry-go-round.
So you wanna take a ride,
rollin' and living a lie,
cause you think I got it made.
Well in case you don't know my friend died today,
and it's tearing me apart.
If I knew what to say, don't know where to start.
I reach down in my heart and with paper and pen put it in a song.

The pages have burned but they're written in stone.
Now what will become of us now nobody knows,
and the wheel keeps on turning and I rise and I fall,
and I'll try to get back but I'm lost in it all,
and I look all around and I see that it's gone.

Your miles away.
Miles away.

Your miles away.
Yeah your miles away.
Miles away.
Yeah your miles away.


Miles Away / Tesla

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