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Wonderful World

Ever since Chicken Little said, the sky was fallin' down upon his head
I told myself, what a wonderful world
Climb a tree, headin' straight to the pond
Get some pearly walks before they turn to frogs
I told myself, what a wonderful world
Puppy love are behind the law, before you know it it's a big old dog
Left so suddenly, where's that wonderful world?

Just a kid growin' up on a farm, hardly knew what was right from wrong
It's a jungle in this wonderful world
Ever since Johnny went to Nam, he loves his men the way he loves [his arm]
I convinced myself, it's an ugly old world

But seein' school, I was just a kid, someone had to go and shoot the president
He wasn't sleeping when he's going to bed, so they said, so now he's dead
Didn't know much but I knew it wasn't funny
Everybody's crying like they killed the Easter bunny
Nothing changes, never changes, killing in vain

Tell me what it's coming to, tell me what well we ain't gonna do
If it stays like this we'll have nothing left to lose

Saw a picture and it ain't so pretty, from the West Coast to New York City
I've seen the world, it's such a pity, we'll be here on our own

Ever since Chicken Little said, "Humpty Dumpty fell and broke his head"
I told myself, what a wonderful world
Ever since mom she reveal, the tooth ferry nor Santa Claus is real
May be so, mama, it's still a wonderful world

That may be so, mama, still it's a wonderful world


Wonderful World / Tesla

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