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Modern Day Cowboy

Stormy night under dead black skies, Billy pulls into town
Thunder rolls and the lightning bolts come crashin' to the ground
Cold as ice, hard as stone, as he walks into the room
With another man who was feeling the same way, all hell's breakin' loose

Chorus: Bang bang, shoot 'em all, bang bang, blow you away
It's a showdown in the no man's land, for the cowboy of the modern day
Come a sundown, don't be hangin' round, 'cos the cowboy'll blow you away

[I could blow and this bad boy jones], on the wrong side of the law
Johnny Dee and his company, always fast to the draw, yeah
Get so lean, feelin' so mean, tryin' to take my winning share
'Cos all they saw was ruin, oh, the smell of blood was in the air

So here we are and we've come this far, but it's only getting worse
Foreign lands with their [terrace] demands, only cost a good heart
The U.S.A., the U.S.S.R., with their six-guns to their side
I see the message written on the wall, to my chain-gun deep inside (chorus)

It's a showdown


Modern Day Cowboy / Tesla

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