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Priest Of Evil

Now the last rays of the daylight
slowly fade away
(the) night's closing in
Outside of the village
there's a meeting on the hill
they call 'the sin'

Torches blaze
the air is full of sulphur yellow haze
Holy beast
they've come to celebrate your bloody feast

Priest, priest of evil
adores the number six six six
Priest, priest of evil
spits on every crucifix

Take the black chalk, made of bone-meal
draw the evil pentagram
Satan will rise
Mix the fresh blood of a he-goat
with the ashes of a witch
black sacrifice

Lord of hell
ride out on your stallion, chime the bell
Duke of hell
touch their feverish bodies with your breath

Priest, priest of evil...

Oh, make them cry, make them bleed
Oh, give them all that they need
oh, all is well that ends well

Priest of evil, priest of hell


Priest Of Evil / Stormwitch

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