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I'll Never Forgive

The night was made for dreaming
I miss you so, my dear
Life had lost it's meaning
You're no longer near
There's nothing left for me to do
I couldn't win
My guardian angel, it was you
Going on, is a sin
"For better or for worse" I said
No my time has come
" For better or for worse" I said
Tomorrow I don't see the sun
In the silence of midnight
The tower stands ready to fight
One of them thinks of his treason
Done for a mean reason
Now he opens the gate
For returning tonight its to late
John and his friends sit together
They think that tomorrow looks better
They can't foresee they're in danger
There lifes are in the hand of a stranger
Shadows sneak through the hall
They're killing the guards by the wall
"Wake up, wake up, the foe's inside!"
John is the first, who hear's the cries
"Wake up, wake up, the foe's insidel"
Everyone runs for his life
Through the cries he heard her voice
"Run they just want me!"
She shielded him, he got no choice
"Where are you? I can't see!"
Fire danced before his eyes
When she stopped to live
He only felt that she must die
"I'll never forgive!"
Blinded and beaten he's lying
On his forsaken rest
John's will to live – it is dying
All his hopes, they went west
Who's fault? Who pulled the strings?
Who is the traitor of kings?
All his thoughts gathered round her
About her, senseless sad death
He hates himself, he could'nt help her
Then she took the last breath
I know, revenge is divine
But this time, vengeance is mine!
"Wake up, wake up, ...

Now we're all here. But one of us is missing
I remember her love. She died without fear
Every second, reminiscing. For us, she was
the white dove. One thing I swear:
Revenge I will take for this aim, I will live!
Nothing is fair. I'll not forsake
I will never forgive!


I'll Never Forgive / Stormwitch

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