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Let Lessons Begin

"Don't even try to read our mind"
His lovely teacher told in her soft voice
"Our minds and hearts are of another kind
If you want to learn you've got no choice
You have to learn to build a wall around you
And never to show your real face
There's none to trust and none to lean onto
Learn that, and you will find your real place"
He-watched her face and admired her beauty
A lovely,woman and doing her duty
He thoght and beginning to rise
He said "Mariko you are wise"
"I will learn a lot
I certainly want to survive
This fate I have got
L will let it spoil my life
The stars said I need not give in
So I will learn let lessons begin"
For once don't always think of tomorrow
Such a lot can happen in one short day
Save yourself many worries and sorrow
Try simply to live and enjoy I say"
He looked at her and knew that for his life
He had to have this woman for his wife
" I'll be patient" he promised
While thinking how can I get kissed?


Let Lessons Begin / Stormwitch

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