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Seven Faces (And Two Hearts)

The Spaniard – is he an enemy?
He seems so frank, so free
The Spaniard – he looks like good company
A sailor, just like me
At least somebody I can ask
Whose language I understand
But can I trust him with the task
Of guiding me through this land?
So many questions I have got
On the country, whose streets I walk
I'm sure he can tell me a lot
So the Spaniard began to talk:
" I can give the advice for which you ask
Never to trust their smiling mask
They will tell you how nice
They find your blue eyes
But that's there parts don't show your cards
They wear seven faces and two hearts !"
"Never show your real face
Don't show them joy or sorrow
Protect yourself from death's embrace!
That way you'll still live tomorrow
I'll lead you to one their kings, you see
He's one of the five who rule
It's entirely up to you what you'll be
A free man or a tool!"


Seven Faces (And Two Hearts) / Stormwitch

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