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Listen To The Stories

I'd like to welcome you
You've come from far away
Step right up, get close
I'll take you on a ride
I'll tell you tales
About the times of ancient days
I'll tell you tales
About the fight of Dark and Light
About a daring act of bravery in the fire
Pulled into the
Dark with no desire
Listen to the stories 'bout a little man
Who tried his luck
If only he'd known what's to come
Listen to the stories of a treasure
With a light that's dark
It will keep you wondering
It will keep you wondering
It will keep you on the line
You must understand
Things ain't the way they seem
Everything it has
It's good side and it's bad
Just like a scorpion
The evil hides it's sting
If only the little man
Had just known what he had
Now sit back and listen to the tales of Flix
Of greatest deeds and wars and magic tricks
Listen to the stories.


Listen To The Stories / Stormwitch

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