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Skull And Crossbones

Caribbean sunrise
on the sea lighting rays
on the red horizon
ships appear with sails that seem to blaze
forty fearless outlaws always ready to fight
they want gold and women and a bottle of
Jamaican rum each night

Try, try to flee when you see
The flag of terror flying over you
Peaked grapnels crash
through your ship they
attack out of the blue

Skull and crossbones, blood in sight burning
sails light up the night
skull and crossbones, piracy
they're the tigers of the sea

Greed for pearls and diamonds they
are hellbent for gold their notorious symbol
makes every decent sailors'blool run cold
like the mighty eagle diving down on the lamb
pirates don't give mercy
when they fight and get the upper hand

Cold, blood-stained steel
can you feel the boarding-axe being pressed
against your chest don't hesitate
fight don't wait 'till the
bogy seals your fate

Skull and crossbones...


Skull And Crossbones / Stormwitch

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