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 Symphony X Symphony XПрогрессив- металлическая группа


Endless sands of Alnantees – etched in
gold, a city lost in time
and from the Sea – A Child speaks of
things unseen,
before the King – a teller of the Rhyme

Five align – hidden in the word a
message locked in time
find the Key – it draws the final line
between what is and what should never be

Gaze in these eyes my child and see –
here by my side, you're destined to be
Fears in the night flee with the Sun – if
we are One
Kingdom of Gold I lay at your feet –
Ruler of Time and Space you will be
Rivers of Truth forever will run – if we
are One

From the ruins of Atlantis, the Lord of
Night rises from the sands
He seeks the one – his serpent's tail and
twisted tongue –
a bringer of War – Destroyer of the land

"Rise my minions – from within the deep
my disciples – thunder this necropolis"

Symphony X

Egypt / Symphony X

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