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 Symphony X Symphony XПрогрессив- металлическая группа

Evolution (The Grand Design)

Born from the light – journey into the
moment, delivered from thought and sky
He will be one, one with the land –
Lord of wind and the sea and the sands
The one – The bringer of life

"All will bear a part of me – let this
hollow shell set your free to live as one"

Here we are – Children of Sun and Stars
the first to know and to understand
Living by the Law of the Ages
prophets and sages – forging Utopia

Great Ptah – Khnemu – sacred priest of
the Temple of Ra and the keeper of truth
Crystalline spheres, the power of light,
grant us keys to the stars and the
secrets of flight
'Five shall be as One'

"We unlock the mysteries of
knowledge and technology"

'We shall live forever, and cast out
those less divine
Gods we will be – rulers of the sea – in
our Grand design'

Symphony X

Evolution (The Grand Design) / Symphony X

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