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 Symphony X Symphony XПрогрессив- металлическая группа

The Raging Season

From whom the Gods destroy they first make mad
casting shadows on our fears
Malicious designs built strong and iron-clad catostrophic
conclusion, judgement closes near

Chaos sets the stage
bitter mouths of violent rage
spinning webs of timeless confusion
help us find our way

Tonight can we scape from this hell
(seasons ragin – sands of time will fall)
conquer the wicked
tonight can we escape from ourselves

Ten-thousand tyrants preach their treachery
striking down the weary and the wise
Swords of oppression sever the artery
of our freedom – victimized

Down-cast jaded – the glory has faded
so close your eyes
(locked in the darkness all your life...)
dream a twisted tale – dark and venomous
(...do you really have a reason not to fell this raging season)
so infamous

Watch the raging inferno of serpents rip the flesh
from all your pride and glory
then you die open your eyes – it's true

Symphony X

The Raging Season / Symphony X

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