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Not Now

Sometimes I’m so afraid of me,

Cuz it’s not like me to act this way.

Hear the voice inside of someone else,

I sense my second face again and show it to the world.

So scared of losing everything,

Don’t want to look back on this, see I did it to myself.

And as I chase my sense away,

there’ll be hell to pay as I ridicule myself.

I’m sick of Jackal meeting Hyde,

I’ll rest my weary head today.

I think I’m better on my own,

I pushed the boundaries much too far and showed it to the world.

All’s forgotten in the silence of the next day,

This protective lung collapses to make me breath,

But I need you.

This sleeping monster which is risen by the joy of someone else excluding me.

Push these feelings down away where no one else could see the truth that lives inside of me.

Cuz it’s not like me to act this way,

I wasn’t this way yesterday,

I always seem to save it up for you.


Not Now / Cinder

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