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Fear Of God

The half of me which I have that I don’t understand,

Hasn’t quite come to terms with the half that I planed.

And how to cope with this projection that I wrap myself around,

Then ask why no one seems to mention that they’ve looked but never found.

What I wanted to believe, x4

Is what I see, but it’s not there.

I want people to know how it feels to be burnt,

And I want them to stay there until they have learnt.

Become accustomed to confusion and know that thoughts weren’t meant to play.

And then using your illusion let your children learn that way.

Mid) If I wait around for hours,

Would the fire I lit be put out by the rain.

And then watch the falling towers,

And take my joy in picking living from the sane, but they’re not there.


Fear Of God / Cinder

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