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Behind The Door

Mister,give me the key

point me to the stairs

I don't know what waits for me in

room 13

room 13

dim lit stairway

stains on the floor

looking for 13

what's behind the door?

room 13

room 13

prostitutes,hypes & thungs

meet me on the way

bare ceilings;just blank

walls blank walls, that's okay

prostitutes,hypes & thugs

meet me on the way

empty bottles,spots of blood

that's cool bro, that's cool,'cause

what waits for me?

a whore,a bullet a thug?

that's okay, room 13

that's okay, room 13

turn around

i'll walk away

turn around

i didn't want to stay there anyway

Circle Jerks

Behind The Door / Circle Jerks

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