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 Chingy Chingyрэппер

Bagg Up

(Bagg up) Bounce, bounce, bounce then (Bagg up) [repeat 2]

Straight playa baby

2 rides outside wit that old G-glide

I'm high but it's all gravy.

Snake skins, no Timberland boots, get loot, I'll shoot

If ya try to play me.

get clout when I'm out,

money what I'm all about

In a world that's so shady.

peak this, streakness,

never had a weakness, speak this

I do this daily.

Follow my whole set

Bottles of mo' wet, bet

Until they lay me

6 feet under dirt

I'm the one wit the word

Got hits but they try to spray me.

If I lack, keep strapped

it's a rap, gimme dat

You can roll wit me, yeah maybe.

Hey the streets is mine

Like mix tapes when that MC grind

Don't play crazy.


(Bagg up) Gimme some room when I pull that Jag up

Bounce, bounce then (Bagg up)

My pockets all swole is that what yo mad fo'? Huh go on, then (Bagg up)

See that Coupe wit the maroon rag up

What? Huh? Then (Bagg up)

Tell ya money hungry tricks that always nag us, bagg up

Everybody talkin' cuz they say I'm on a roll

Touch was mine, you gon' end up gettin' mowed.

Ladies they love me like they just found a pot of gold

Jackpot, I'm scorin' big around the globe.

You could be hot, I'm what you not and that's cold.

Go wit the flow, dro when it go

Sick, baby say she never drove a stick

Until she was on top of me, backseat of the 6.

It's, goin' down 'round these parts

Nobody liked me 'til I got the deal so don't start.

Is it different? Is it dope?

I don't know what you yappin' about

It's way too funky for you to smell what I'm rappin' about.

Just Chingy baby.


How many MC's must get dissed

For hatin' on that MVP new draft pick?

Don't it look like 100 moons on my wrist?

I'm sorry I'm the glitter that yo girl seein' glist.

Man wit the big fish

I hit I don't miss

Sorta like Starks shootin' 3's for the Knicks.

Don't get me pissed

Ya take a big diss

It'll feel like ya fell off a tall cliff

I'm a bully like clip

I sank yo ship

6 apart from the clip if ya pop at the lip its, Chingy baby



Bagg Up / Chingy

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