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 Chingy Chingyрэппер

He's Herre

Uh...Uh...Uh..He's here...He's Here...He's Here

He..is..here..is he..really?


Don't be scurred now

Got it made now

Come to lay it down


Don't be scurred now

Got it made now

Just pray to God I don't get you

[Verse 1 - Chingy]

Back slap that ass

Clap that ass

Dropping body bags

Glocks and mags

Four blocks you fast

Talk your trash (Drop you fast)

Never jock a cat

I will blast

Shot is stacked

Rock your hair

Watch my mirror

Stocking caps so I watch my style

Cock and grab

Open up shop and draft

Quarter bags all of that

Water lasts shorter halves

Have ya comin back cause I'm fourth of stash

Extort the hash

Extort the wrath

Cope the past

Brought my mags

Sort my cash on the docks

Flock a hop

Keep it in a proper spot

Adopt a cop

Rob a spot

A lot of ice a cop or not

Drop a pot

Slide a lot

Jackpot a lot

Already got a lot of wine, but not in my ride, I'll stop

[Chorus - 2X]


He'll mangle us

Who playing with us?

And saying this stuff?

And fuck with gangs and stuff?

I aim to bust

You straight up tough

No thanks to us

We're famous, duh

A game I love

To train my sluts

To give brains and cuss

Learn pain and plus

Get tricks to claim the bust

Think they nuts

Slurp them up

Hook or work them up

Wake them up, break them up

Taking crust shake them up

Make it stuck in your twat

Hit the streets, bend the blocks

Sin or not, hit the daily spot

Gin or scotch, top notch

On my roster

Mobster eating pasta

Chop her in the closer, crack her like a lobster

Have my ho to rob you

Then dodge you

Any ho need work? I got a job for you

Go see the supplier

Make like you a buyer

Then buy slut, trick these fake playas

Often what they say, you'll buy em up messiah

Wait and bring it back to my empire

Chingy keep these heffers on the strip and on fire

Try her

[Chorus - 4X]


He's Herre / Chingy

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