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Leave Wit Me

(feat. R Kelly)

[Chorus: (R Kelly)]

Baby dont chu wanna leave this V.I.P and finish off this party in my hotel suite

Gurl juss follow me because i got room keys sex, red bull, velvi we be like da...[15x's]

[Verse 1 (Chingy)]

I pulled on tha lot and then i fell up in tha spot St. Louis hat cocked tryna

Find somethin hot drink in my hand hundreds in my pocket i dont cerre (care) if he ya man

Undastand im yo profit its 3:39 we should leave by 3 we can stroll around or go get somethin ta

Eat outside i gotta fly drop u hungry round ya gurls up and we all can go to IHOP u prolly think

Im tryna cut maybe ya right you dont do one night stands well baby tonight i gotta presidential

Suite at tha Ritz errthang wit me aint that a shhh...


[Verse 2 (Chingy)]

U actin like ya dont hear me come hear me quit fakin and take a puff of dis green

From Jamaica juss bought a new yacht wit 4 rooms and a bar no yo not that use to bein around a

Hood star but papa told me good gurls always go bad so if i touch ir right thurr aint no need to

Get mad i could take u from tha crib to paradise most of my chicks i like me thick plus naughty

And nice tha way u sweep me off my feet u should be a broom tha way ya smell ya should have ur

Own perfume so knock knock whos thurr jackpot tha pimp ?? do it tickle when i lick

Ya neck better get chu wet lookin at cho sexy ass make wanna write a check


[Bridge (R Kelly)]

Now hold on tha way u pit it on me now hol don i luv tha way u shake it now hold

On u drop it then u pick it up now hold on gurl u got me sayin wut tha



Leave Wit Me / Chingy

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