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Sugar Daddy

She lived on a boathouse down by the river

everyone called her Pretty Belinda

went to the boathouse down by the river

just for a look at Pretty Belinda!

All of my loving wanted to give her

as soon as I saw her P.B.

She lived in a boathouse down on the river

I wanted to have her P. B.

Her eyes were exciting her hairwas golden

the lips were inviting

and my heart she's stolen!

Now we're together me and Belinda

Now and forever me and my Linda

She lived on a boathouse down..


She lived on a boathose down...

Now I am with her my P.B.

that's what I've sent her my P.B.

She gave me her heart then believe me

your promise will ever bother

Belinda is ominons!

She lived in a ...

me and my wife called P. B.

Крис Эндрюс

Sugar Daddy / Крис Эндрюс

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