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Waiting, Shouting

Just take a ticket
It takes you nowhere
They saw us coming
It's them and us here
Just keep your voice down
And light another
I am a patient girl
I wait, I wait, I wait
It's not your money
Don't call me stupid!
Not big or clever
Mean can mean awkward
It's wigan pier here
I'm not for jumping
See candid camera
Sees next to nothing

You keep me waiting ...
I keep on shouting!

My letterbox knows
Bangers and bad news
Good morning campers -
Sees queues & queues & queues
They spell my name wrong
It's not far art's sake
And every truth told
Black mark on black mark
You love to chew on
This bread and butter
You crunch your numbers
And push your papers
Pile-up on pile-up
Malicious bad turns
I'll light another
Slow fuses, slow burn

You keep me waiting ...
I keep on shouting!


Waiting, Shouting / Chumbawamba

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