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Loss (In Memoriam)

Vast outstreched diamond lakes in the sky
the mighty stillness of mountains rain will fall – maybe forever
winds of mercy, I hope
will take me far from this...
...This desolate place

And I fear you're love will fade away
And I fear there's no end to this pain
And I fear your heart has turned away
And I fear I won't see you again
And in the night I often turn to the starres
this diamond lake of tears
and I think back
when you and I were one
Under this...
...this desolate sun

And I cry for that broken dream
And I cry for for the absence of your love
And I cry for your broken word
And I cry for the loss of your light

In the season of night let it come
that the raven may gueard upon thee
and when pursued by snow, rain, wind
and darkness let it come that I see
with the celestial eyes of bright wisdom
– from the Tibetan Book of the Dead

And I wish your hand were in mine
And I wish that all is not lost
And I hope that whereever you're fine
And I know I miss you all to much


Loss (In Memoriam) / Saturnus

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