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I'm Not Dead

To get away from all my grief and my pain
I know there's only one conclusion
I don't remember how my life used to be
but still I've got the right solution
take my life take my life...
now I'm not dead
suck the life out of me

In the sunrise I see the end approach
I can feel the wind take away my hope
I know your fright
I sense your fear
I'm reading your mind
I'll keep my dreams about the sins in the dept of my darkest soul

Why am I here
I just want it to end
now please won't you help me
turn around
look at my face
I want to leace
now let me fade
erase my existence cause you can't tell me why am I...
not dead suck the life out of me

In my own eyes I can forget my dream
solitude is now just a matter of time
complete confused what does this mean
how can this set me free
because of all the trust I got how can I ever end you...

why do you pray
there's no God
there's no heaven
just hell
so you can open the gate to eternal relief
now all that's left in me
is this my final desire
just fade away
why am I here

to get away from all your grief and your pain
believe there's more then one conclusion
you don't remember how your life used to be
that's why you got the wrong solution

stay...with me
I'm not dead


I'm Not Dead / Ram-Zet

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