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 Rigor Mortis Rigor Mortisрок-группа

Wizard Of Gore

Beckoning victims to his horror show into the chamber of pain
Not realizing that soon they will die killed by a man who's insane
Prisoners scream as their blood starts to flow body parts fall to the floor
Choosing the pieces that he wants to keep, he is the Wizard of Gore

Ends your life slicing with his knife
Say goodbye it's your time to die
Bone collections, tissue samples
Buckets of blood, bowls of eyeballs
Find new ways to destroy
Watching death is his joy

Now since the end of your life on this earth you have begun to decay
He looks upon you with a madman's grin and watches you rot away
Time for the next helpless victims to die screaming like never before
Laughing while pulling their tongues from their heads, he is the Wizard of Gore!
Makes you die with no reason why Craves your blood, he will have your blood.

Rigor Mortis

Wizard Of Gore / Rigor Mortis

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