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 Running Wild Running Wildметаллическая группа


Three days of darkness, eternal night
Celestial sign swallows up the light
A raging storm, Armaggeddon's here
The enslaved's hope is the evil's fear

He rides the wind on silent wings, Laserbeams ripping steel
Black helicopters go up in flames, before they know that he's real

Firebreather, raging from the stormy sky
Firebreather, smoke and thunder steal the light away

Black soldiers walk the gates of hell
They drop their mask, they come off their shell
Minotaurs and genetic beasts
Invade the world with a bloody feast

Man in black your time is up
Universal law, you're outta luck
No dirty tricks, no unfair fight
He shoots your head off with his first strike

Running Wild

Firebreather / Running Wild

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