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Remind Me to Tell You

I can be distant, like an echo in a canyon
I get resistant and I need your understanding
I don't know what happens, I get removed
I don't mean to fade out, but when I do

(*) remind me to tell you all the ways
That I need you
Remind me to tell you if somehow I forget to
How much I've come to rely
On the strength that I find in your eyes
If you feel me startin' to slide
Remind me to tell you

I can be vacant, like a schoolyard in the winter
I get complacent, my attention starts to splinter
Then from out of nowhere as i'm
Watching you sleep
I have so much to tell you
I guess it'll keep

Repeat (*)

We built the mosaic one piece at a time
Midnight is lavender morning is lime
Major attention to minor detail
You take it too lightly it's certain to fail
My fundamentals are sadly in need
Instead of advancing I tend to recede
I'll try to change but if I should start
Acting the same

Repeat (*)

The Carpenters

Remind Me to Tell You / The Carpenters

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